Glasstone is long lasting, and maintenance free resurfacing material ideal for walls and floors. This extremely durable material provides an  elegant, no aging alternative to more conventional wall and floor covering. Glasstone is available in many attractive color combinations. 




Glasstone VS. Marble and Granite

   Glasstone  Marble/Granite  Glasstone Features
 Conversion Rate  1.31  +0 Result in a brilliant finish of sparking clarity
 Absorbent Rate  +0  1.31 Excludes moisture, keeping structures sound and dry
 (Mohs Scale)
 6  4 Harder than Marble/Granite
 Coefficient of        Expansion  80x10-7  Higher Long lasting, highly stable never ages, fades, or  deteriorates
 Capillary     Attraction  No  Yes No dust collecting problem
 Heat/UV Rays  Insulation  Yes  No Gray Glasstone (sourced from CRT monitor) is composed of Strontium and Barium
 Fireproofing  Yes  Yes Also able to endure outdoor weathering



 0.6 mm - 1.5mm
1.5mm - 3mm
3mm - 6mm
6mm - 9mm    
 9mm - 12mm
12mm up


 Suitable uses

A. Interior :

walls and floors of residential, commercial and public buildings such as bathrooms,   kitchens, lobbies, etc.

B. Exterior :

1.buildings such as  homes, schools, hospitals, shops, etc.   

2. driveways, sidewalks, terraces, gateposts, stepping stones, pavilions

 3.SPA and swimming pool 

 4.billboards and signs

C. Furniture :

partitions, table, etc.

D. Craft / decoration

color glazes, lazurite painting, home DIY,  ornaments, aquariums, etc.



Surface preparationAll surfaces must be firm, stable, clean and  free   from any loose, oily or   greasy matter


Per each 25 kgs of Tile Gripper approx. 7 - 9 KGS water is required. Adjust desired mortar consistency by adding further powder resp or further water.


Tile Gripper mortar is coated to the wall or floor surface in an uniform thickness of 2 - 3 mm by means of a smoothing trowel and then combed horizontally using a suitable comb spreader.
4. Combine cement with Glasstone weight  10:16) mix well; add enough water to mix evenly.
Using smoothing trowel spread  the well-mixed cement and Glasstone or
floor in an uniform thickness.
Allow the surface to try lightly Using a wet cotton pad, clean the  surface.
(A light shower of water can also be used.)
After 24 hrs completely dry, clean the  Glasstone surface again. The
Glasstone surface must be cleaned perfectly to achieve maximum brightness.


 Glasstone needed quantity per m2 

Product Needed quantity/m2 Thickness
   3-6mm Glasstone   Approx. 10-11 KG    6mm
   6-9mm Glasstone   Approx. 12-13 KG    8mm
   9-12mm Glasstone   Approx. 13-14 KG    10mm